Become a Handshakr Affiliate

Partner with us through our Affiliate Program to generate new revenue from your content while helping businesses connect through our platform.

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Affiliates Programme

3 simple steps

How It Works?

1. Join the Program
2. Promote Handshakr
3. Earn Commissions
Affiliates Programme

Join the Program

Choose your preferred commission rate and submit your application through our affiliate platform, Reditus.

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Promote Handshakr

Use your affiliate links to promote Handshakr’s platform via blog articles, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital content.

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Earn Commissions

Earn a share of the revenue for every qualifying customer you refer.

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Have questions? Keep calm and read ahead...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Handshakr?

Handshakr is where innovation and opportunity align. With nearly 1000 companies in the ecosystem, and growing. It’s business made easy, with the power of B2B Orchestration®. Well, thats what we’re calling our platform anyway. Put simply we help large companies find great innovation to help them solve business problems. And we help smaller innovative companies find opportunities with the larger ones. Pretty cool, hey.

What is Handshakr’s Affiliate Programme?

In its simplest form, the Handshakr Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, and webinars. Joining the program gives you and your business a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue opportunities.

Does it cost anything to be an Affiliate?

Nope! Signing up and participating as a Handshakr affiliate is completely free. Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn commission.

Do I need to be a Handshakr customer?

We would love it if you used Handshakr yourself, but you are not required to be a Handshakr customer in order to be a part of the Affiliate Program.

Are there any Affiliate programme limitations?

As with any affiliate program, there are a few limitations. We’re constantly moving to improve the program, but as of now we have the following limitations in order for you to receive commission:

1. The customer cannot be in an active sales process at the time of clicking on your affiliate link.
2. The customer needs to be an active customer for at least one month based on the terms within Impact.

For more details, we recommend reviewing the program policies and agreement within Reditus.

What could I possibly earn as a Handshakr Affiliate?

The sky is the limit. Our seller subscription packages range from £279 per year to £1,279 per year. And our enterprise buyer subscriptions start at £7,250 per quarter. We offer generous commissions starting out at 25% but you’ll have to visit our partner programme link to get all the details and terms.