Innovation & Procurement

If you’re working in an innovation scouting, procurement, or strategic leadership role, you’re constantly faced with tough decisions. It’s a difficult balancing act between tried and tested hands vs new riskier innovators. We’re by your side to make it all as simple as possible, from the first conversation to closing that deal.

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Let’s find a fix to all your problems

See what challenges your teams are facing, what internal resources you have, and what external options are out there if you need them. You could find the solution to your problems within minutes.

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Innovation & Purchasing

Easily build new partnerships

Transparent communication via Handshakr can help you build relationships with new partners, before procurement. You’ll find all your messages between both teams in one place, so there’s no confusion about what direction you’re moving in. No more cold outreach or hours wasted Googling a fix to your problems.

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Innovation & Purchasing

See the full picture

Get a handle on the exact challenges your functional teams face, and understand whether it’s a problem your team can solve on their own, or whether you need a third party to help.

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Set The Tone of New Engagements

Give all potential partners a realistic view of what it takes to do business with you, so they can offer you a picture of their capability before you move forward.

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