How it works

How it works

Our B2B Orchestration platform brings great minds together to forge lasting business relationships.

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How it works
How it works

Step 01

Find incredible global partners

You’ll find the right innovation and people instantly with our recommendation engine. Matching buyers with sellers, both sides will be able to see videos from prospective partners, based on their needs and expertise. 

Buyers can provide problem statement videos, explaining the challenges they face within their business. In response, sellers can prepare two-minute intro videos and specific pitches in response to the buyer’s needs.

How it works


Forge solid relationships

Business is all about forging relationships, so we make it easy. 

If a buyer is impressed with a seller’s capability, they can invite them to a live conversation. We know how nerve-wracking that can be for a seller so we provide a series of guides to help sellers give it their best shot. Both sides will also be able to score and give feedback to each other, to help keep the whole process honest and transparent. 

When you’ve both agreed to move forward together in principle, key people in both companies will be able to have visibility over the purchasing process. Our collaboration capability sets out key milestones, crucial stakeholders, and the necessary data that both parties need to reach a consensus.

How it works


Formalise deals that matter

Finally, it’s time to formalise your new partnership. 

We encourage enterprise buyers to let sellers have full visibility of their contractual and financial preferences. That can lead to deals being secured quickly and efficiently, within the boundaries of both parties. 

Sellers can complete transactions and paperwork directly through the platform with enterprise buyers as well as take advantage of earlier payouts through our Fund option..

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Working hard for people around the world…

“Handshakr has been a game-changer for finding top-quality partners who know how to solve my unique problems.”

Matt Willson, VP Customer Experience & Billing Operations

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Our mission

How it works

Our mission

We aim to be the platform companies use to find, forge and formalise relationships across the tech sector, making business easier for hundreds of people worldwide. Keeping it simple from the very first handshake.

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