Our Formalise features help our users understand the commercial and contractual needs of other users.

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Feature Three – Formalise
Feature Three – Formalise

Contracts and commercials

Provide clarity and transparency about the terms you’re generally offering new partners. Help startups plan for the financial implications of working with you.

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Feature Three – Formalise


Agree to deals on the terms buyers need while taking the opportunity to get funding upfront. (Coming Soon)

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Platform Benefits


  • Get the attention of the eyes and ears of the right functional leaders.
  • Cut to the chase with qualified opportunities delivered to you.
  • Drastically improve the outcomes of all of your prospect and customer engagements.
  • Shorten sales cycles, forecast with higher accuracy and ensure total compliance with procurement.
  • Get clarity on timings and costs you can expect when working with h a large corporate.
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  • Never miss out on great technology and innovation and the opportunity that provides your business.
  • Source unique innovation that will help your functional leaders solve the specific problems they face.
  • Lower the time wasted on reviewing and responding to cold outreach as well as shorten research effort.
  • Drastically improve the outcomes of all of your early partner engagements.
  • Improved pre-procurement discipline providing confidence in compliance across the business