Handshakr staff discuss the short term roadmap using a tablet and whiteboard

Encouraging an ecosystem

Near Term

In the near term, our focus is on adding value to our customers through improved UI/UX and how we are making connections and sourcing more sellers for our buyers to engage. We will also be introducing early versions of our Formalise feature set. Encouraging a lively ecosystem through: 

  • Technology for improved taxonomy/search capability
  • Data sources and web scraping engines to find and fill seller gaps where needed
  • Formalise capabilities including financing, contractual terms and deal structuring within the product
  • Immediate impact 3rd party integrations
Handshakr staff discussing the medium term roadmap on a laptop screen

Capabilities and mechanics

Medium Term

Our medium-term strategy will focus on IP protection, automation, analytics, and 3rd party integrations to boost efficiency and drive deals forward quickly. New capabilities to be integrated with Find, Forge and Formalise capabilities:

  • Connector – A more automated approach to connecting 3rd Party Tools used by our community.
  • Collaborator – Further process engine innovation to drive the collaboration from the first meeting through to the final sale
  • Customisation – Prompts that help build bespoke collaboration processes and aid connection to internal systems.
  • Presentation – A comprehensive video editing platform for creating pithy and captivating sales material
  • Meeting – Our very own meeting platform with VR/AR meetings 
  • Legal – Review legal documents and make a recommendation
Handshakr team members discussing the 5 year strategy on a whiteboard

Intelligence and automation

Long Term

Our long-term strategy will focus on deep technology to drive intelligence and automation to boost efficiency and drive deals forward quickly. Technology such as AI / ML to underpin: 

  • Legal – to navigate contracts across multiple countries and languages
  • Languages – auto-translation for breaking down borders
  • Intent reasoning – scan Buyer intent (review of demand) and translate it into key requirements for sellers
  • Process – Intelligently analyse process and make recommendations to help the journey become more efficient
  • Scoring – intelligently create a score based on feedback, process adherence, responsiveness, contact ability etc.

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