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Getting seen by prepped buyers on a daily basis is much better than spending hours making cold calls to people who just aren’t interested. Handshakr gives you the chance to be involved in opportunities at the earliest possible point so you can make sure you’re never missing out on a potential sale. You’ll receive videos from our buyer community, relaying the problem they’re trying to fix, and that you might just have the answer to.

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Sales and account managers using the Handshakr platform
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Close more deals than ever before

It’s not always easy trying to sell a solution. There are often lots of decision-makers involved and tight deadlines to meet – it’s just too clunky. Using our platform, you’ll be able to get total clarity and visibility at every step so you can make the most of every opportunity.

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Meet leaders who are ready to buy

The only buyers you’ll see will be those who are prepped and ready to engage. Plus, you’ll be able to get constructive feedback from every buyer you speak to. If a deal isn’t working, disqualify it and focus on the good ones instead.

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Clear milestones = no delays

With Handshakr, you’ll be able to see what milestones you need to meet today, tomorrow, and next week, so deals don’t slip into the next quarter, and drag on for too long. You’ll get an alert if a deal is at risk, so you can engage teams on both sides to move the deal along. A clear plan in place for both sides allows you to focus on the customer journey and solve your buyer’s problem.

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