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Maximise your revenue, with no surprises along the way. Sales reps who use Handshakr follow the process consistently as they know that their buyer and other stakeholders are working in the same transparent environment as they are.

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Stay up to date

With a simple process in place, it’s easy to work in Handshakr and stay up to date with the latest developments. Our Templates and CRM automation streamlines work hours, to make everything even smoother.

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Know exactly how much you’ll be making

An overview of all your deals – including which ones are on track and which are at risk – will help you forecast accurately. You’ll get total visibility of the entire process so you can build out your revenue predictions based on pure facts.

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Every little detail taken care of

Getting into the nitty-gritty of every deal with your reps can help them to understand how they can help their buyers and stakeholders. Handshakr allows you to drill down into the details so you can coach your team to success.

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Never miss a deal again

On average, 15% of reps miss targets in any given quarter, 40% of deals slip past the quarter, and 25% of deals never close. But with early visibility of buyer problems, in-deal coaching, and collaboration between teams, you’ll never need to let another deal slip with Handshakr.

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