EU Enterprise

EU Enterprise uses Handshakr for a confidential search



In joining CTO and CIO functions, this enterprise noticed critical cloud capability and DevOps skills gaps within their organisation. As a result, Handshakr was tasked with searching for specific expertise to augment and train existing applications and resources to manage and underpin the new combined function and team.


Handshakr helped the functional leadership create problem statement videos that could be understood by potential partners and allow for meaningful responses to be returned while considering the confidential nature of the challenges they face. In addition, we provided a curated list of solution providers that had delivered expertise to enterprises, specifically merging two major technical functions in the past, ensuring our search was focused on this experience so that all parties would be aligned on a key driver from the outset.



  • 15 sellers matched and consulted with video briefs
  • 10 shortlisted and invited to provide introductory video responses


  • 6 sellers were introduced with meetings facilitated and mediated
  • 3 sellers continue ongoing discussions


  • 1 seller engaged in a proof of concept
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EU Enterprise