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US Telco uses Handshakr for wider optic on innovation



Like most telcos, BSS systems are a patchwork of legacy and new, on-premise and cloud, all interconnected into various backend systems and integrations.  The reality of this mixed tech stack poses challenges in delivering customer experiences that folks expect in 2022.


Handshakr and the US telco team articulated short problem statement videos. Each video highlighted the challenges the business faces with its technology stack, how they impact internal and external stakeholders and what an ideal situation might look like for the company and its customers moving forward. In addition, Handshakr presented its seller community with confidential videos and provided the business with an outline of potential partners worth engaging.



  • 11 sellers matched and consulted with video briefs
  • 6 shortlisted and invited to provide introductory video responses


  • 5 sellers were introduced with meetings facilitated and mediated
  • 3 sellers continue ongoing discussions
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US Telco

“Handshakr has been a game-changer for finding top quality partners who know how to solve my unique problems. Forget scouring through google or industry newsletters. I upload a video about my situation and my need, then several top-notch providers personalize their approach to helping me. All the “pre RFP” vetting is so much easier, in fact it’s fun! Rather than be reactive to guess what I need, Handshakr is helping me lean in to more innovative options I didn’t even know were available. I’m recommending Handshakr to all my peers.”

Matt - VP Customer Experience & Billing Strategy